DailyChildcareReport helps childcare providers to communicate with parents.

It goes without saying that parents want to be informed about their children. You, as their childcare provider, want to communicate and work with them. And yet, there isn't enough time to talk to all of them in person on a daily basis, nor are daily paper reports sufficient for either of you.

But what if it was easy to provide all of the important information to parents? What if it didn't take much time? You would be able to focus more on what truly matters: the children - all while knowing that you and the parents are on the same page. Imagine!

DailyChildcareReport can help you get there. With its efficient online reporting, you will be able to inform parents using a medium that works best for them. And then they'll be less anxious about their children in childcare, and you'll be assured that they are up-to-date and are able to keep you up-to-date as well.

How does it work?

DailyChildcareReport provides efficient daily communication with parents. It allows you to quickly enter reports about the children’s day, make requests (more diapers, for instance), and even share photos, videos, and documents.

Reports are easily customizable for different age groups to include what is important to you.

Parents receive their child’s report by email or as a text message on their mobile phones. Parents can also send you notifications (example: “Junior is home sick today”).

DailyChildcareReport automatically generates trending graphs for individual children and groups. It can provide you with insights, such as how the Tuesday morning's yoga exercise affected napping on that day.

There are circumstances where DailyChildcareReport is not ideal: if there are fewer than three children, or if most of the children are not regulars.

DailyChildcareReport is three times faster.

Are you already writing reports and creating written communications for parents? Then you know that this can be tedious and time consuming - time you would rather be spending engaged with the children.

The paperwork just isn't fun. Wouldn't it be nice to get it done more quickly? With DailyChildcareReport you can create reports in just a third of the time it takes to write them manually with pen and paper.

Join our family of happy users!

“My parents and I really love your service, and I'd like to thank you for constantly looking for ways to make it even better. Great service, affordable prices, and excellent customer service! I'll be using DailyChildcareReport for years to come!!”
Roxy, preschool owner

“I used to have to do this all by hand so this is a huge game changer!”
Candice, dayhome owner

“I am thoroughly enjoying using DailyChildcareReport. I consider it to be an easy and effective way of communicating with my parents and it allows me to hold them accountable for what is expected of them. I think the rating system works very well and is very user-friendly.”
Felicia, daycare teacher

“Seeing on my phone how my son is doing at the daycare is making my days less stressful. I think all daycares should be using this.”
Melody, parent

“As a quality childhood setting we are always looking for ways to improve the services we provide and the DailyChildcareReport is just one way that we support and encourage communication with our families. The report is user friendly and enables early childhood practitioners to quickly and accurately complete daily progress reports for all children that are age appropriate and accessible.”
Shannon, daycare executive director

“I have to say that I am really loving this system. I find it so easy to send out reminders, updates and even special little things that the children do. It's nice to just type it out and with just a tap on the send button it sends to all the patents. It's much easier than having to write it out in their agendas 10 times.”
Roxanne, daycare teacher

“This program you made is more than awesome. You go over and beyond what you are to be doing with this program, and I just want you to know that thanks is not enough. I'm one very happy client, and you will be having me around for ever. I love this program. If it wasn't for you, I would not be bonding closer to my parents through this program. We talk more in here than face to face, and myself and my parents want to thank you for that.”
Shirley, family daycare owner

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