Frequently asked questions

Who else can see reports for my child?

Only you and other legal guardians for your child (your spouse, for example) are allowed to view the reports for your child. Staff at the childcare facility that your child is visiting are writing the reports and can also view them. Other parents are not able to see your child's reports.

What do I expose by using Facebook?

Nothing will be posted to your Facebook wall. Your friends and other visitors to your Facebook profile won't see that you're using DailyChildcareReport.

As a parent, how can I add another child?

Click on the Account link at the top, then click on "I am a ... Parent" and follow the instructions.

What is a facility?

A facility is a childcare center, playschool, nursery, preschool, kindergarten, or home or family daycare.

What is an organization?

An organization is a group of facilities, for example, a company that has several preschools, a nonprofit school with several locations, or a group of family daycares.

Do you give discounts to nonprofits?

Our prices are calculated very low because we want to ensure that as many childcare programs as possible can afford to use DailyChildcareReport. Because of that low price, we are unable to provide further discounts.

Why doesn't a text message on my cell phone include the full report?

SMS text messages are limited to 160 characters. We try to squeeze as much information as possible into text messages, but it doesn't always all fit. In that case, the text message will end on '…', which means that you should go online to view the whole report. Smart phone owners are encouraged to get a clickable message instead.

Can a parent view today's report before it is sent?

Yes. They can log in and view everything that has been entered and saved so far.

Is there an iPhone app?

DailyChildcareReport is a responsive web application, meaning that it is as usable on the small screen of an iPhone (or other smart phone) as it is on a big computer screen. On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can create an application icon for DailyChildcareReport on your home screen as described here.

How do I delete children?

On the Children page, you can select a child and then click on Archive. Archived children are removed from their group and are not included for billing, but all their data is kept. They can be unarchived again. Once a child has been archived, you can delete them, which will permanently delete all their data. A deleted child can not be undeleted, so we recommend that you only delete children if you're legally required to.

What is the meaning of the ratings in the reports?

These are the general rating guidelines:
Food reports
n/anot applicablechild not present or group didn't have snack/lunch
Ssmall amountchild ate nothing or less than half a meal
Mmedium amountbetween half a meal and a full meal
Llarge amountmore than a full meal
Sleep report
n/anot applicablechild not present or group didn't have nap time
Sshortchild didn't sleep or slept for less than 30 minutes
Mmediumbetween half an hour and an hour
Llongmore than one hour
Bowel movement reportYou may refer to the Bristol Stool Scale for types of stool.
n/anot applicablechild not present or child didn't have a BM or child used toilet
: (
Bristol type 7 or worsechild had bad stool like diarrhea
: |
types 1, 2, 5, 6stool was loose or the result of constipation
: )
types 3, 4regular and healthy looking
Activity participation report
n/anot applicablechild not present or group didn't have activities
: (
not participated
: |
partially participated
: )
fully participated
Mood report
n/anot applicablechild not present
: (
: |
: )
Please note that actual ratings are up to the judgement of your child's teacher.