Privacy policy

By using DailyChildcareReport, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information as described in this policy. If we (the operators of DailyChildcareReport) make any significant changes to this policy, we will notify you by posting a notice of such changes on the login page.

We care deeply about protecting your privacy. Please contact us at with any questions and/or comments you may have.


How we treat your information

We will never spam you

We do send notifications when you reset your password, or when your request to have your child added has been accepted or denied. We also send you your daily reports, but you can turn these off.

We will never disclose your personal information without your permission

We will never sell, rent or share your personal information with a 3rd party, especially your email addresses and phone numbers, without your express permission, unless required by law. Never ever!

We give you full control over your information, including the ability to wipe it from our system

You can update your account information and preferences at any time. You can destroy your account when you choose.

We will only access your personal information when:

We will protect your information from other users

Nobody can see your or your child's data unless they're working for the childcare facility your child is a member of, or they are another guardian of your child (your spouse for example).

We may sell, rent or share information with 3rd parties about user habits in aggregate only

We will never do so in a manner that could even remotely be individually identifiable. For example, we could collect and share information like "how often are parents requested to bring new diapers to their child's daycares?" but we would NOT share information like "how often did your child have a bowel movement this week?"


We store and process all data in data centres located in the United States.

What information do we collect?


Email addresses, phone numbers, password. All passwords are stored on our server in encrypted form - not even we can tell what they are!


If you use DailyChildcareReport as someone who works for a childcare facility, we keep track of this relationship.


Name, date of birth, childcare facility, current group at childcare facility, and any information the facility records using DailyChildcareReport. That typically includes eaten meals, quality of sleep and bowel movements, and comments.


Number of logins, last login, activity and error logs. This data helps us monitor DailyChildcareReport's health, and diagnose errors and slowness issues when they crop up.

Cookies and log files

DailyChildcareReport sends a "cookie" to your computer that contains an identification number that is unique to the computer you are using. We use this cookie to provide you with a continuous experience, and for us to record how our service is being used.

As is done with most web sites, we log each visit to each web page. A log entry can contain information typically found in the "header" of your web browser's request such as the browser type you used, your Internet Protocol address, and the date and time of day. We may also log your cookie's identification number and the URL of the last site you visited. This log information is important for security, audit, quality improvement, as well as for monitoring the health of our service.